Covid-19 is bringing the entire tourism sector to its knees and the restrictive measures necessary to stem the epidemic have also inevitably hit business travel. BizAway and Talent Garden have come together against the crisis, turning this difficult moment into an opportunity for growth and building a stronger network between companies. Only in this way, once the emergency will be over, we will start again with more enthusiasm than before.

Looking at the World Bank’s data concerning past international crises, there is reason to hope: it is reasonable to foresee a gradual recovery which will be followed by a boom in business travel, as it already happened after the 11th September attacks or the Zika epidemic.

Even the UNWTO, the World Tourism Organization, highlights in its report Impact assessment of the COVID-19 outbreak on international tourism how once the global crisis was over, the employment rate (between 2010 and 2018) rose in all the sectors by 11% while in the hospitality and the food and beverage sector there was an increase of 35%. Even international arrivals have shown the resilience of the travel sector, just think that from 2009 (the year of the economic crisis) to 2019 there was a global increase of 64%.  

Statistics are encouraging but this shouldn’t be an excuse to remain with folded hands, waiting for new opportunities to come and knock at our door. We have chosen to act now, taking the first steps towards recovery together with our client Talent Garden, sharing our same virtuous approach regardless of the crisis.

Particularly, the networking and training platform for digital innovation – counting 23 campuses in 8 countries all around Europe – has made itself available to analyze the needs of its team in terms of travel. The purpose? Set up and maximize the business travel management internal processes: “Since September 2019 we have adopted the BizAway platform for three main reasons: – explains Alessandro Braga, Talent Garden Chief Digital Officer – simplify travel management, reduce the administrative load and optimize costs, while improving the user experience of the entire team involved.

Alessandro Braga –
Chief Digital Officer Talent Garden

We have enthusiastically welcomed the proposal to help BizAway improve the technological platform with a study of the needs expressed by our team. We have chosen to make a gradual release of services starting from the most critical teams in terms of needs. […] We immediately collected the most significant feedback and over 10 new features to request from BizAway ”.

Each company has specific needs related to travel policies, accounting and reporting so the best way to fully understand them is to hear it directly from those who actively use the platform. BizAway and Talent Garden together in this cooperation project, are thus able to obtain an overall picture that aims to improve the platform and its services.

“I hope that we will be able to adopt this virtuous cooperation model also with other customers– adds Luca – I personally believe that emergency situations, like this one, help strengthen our wit, and that many hands make light work: networking between companies will give excellent results, to get out of this crisis stronger than before”.