Suitcase ready, boarding passes in your hand and smartphone in your pocket. Do you notice anything missing? Downloading travel apps before departure can turn your next journey into one worth taking. Do you need to know whether your next airport has a lounge available? Or are you worried about having to carry a raincoat? Or you just want to have one last check on your upcoming bookings? Travelling smart and having all this information in a click is easy.

Here are the best apps for Android and iOS, to be downloaded before leaving for your next trip:  

Check your flight status

FlightRadar24 is the perfect flight tracker to monitor the status of your flight, and not only that: you can have real-time updates on air traffic, get detailed information on specific flights (such as aircraft type, speed, altitude, travel time), use search filters or consult the arrivals and departures boards in real-time.

A complete travel agenda, at hand

Are you having a hard time recalling the name of your hotel, or the exact departure time of your next flight? No need to stress — you can just check the BizAway app and find all your reservations gathered in one place. Thanks to the “Trip” function you can view all the bookings made for that particular trip and easily access every detail. Flights, hotels, trains and rental cars – all in one handy travel planner.

What’s the weather like?

One of the most useful travel apps available to download is certainly AccuWeather: it is like having a weather station in your pocket: it shows you the forecast hourly, daily or directly for the next 15 days. For your convenience, the weather forecast can be included in your calendar. With over 3.000.000 mapped places and the possibility to be updated through notifications, no storm will catch you unprepared.

app meteo smartphone

A handy digital map to avoid getting lost

Shops, restaurants, banks, bars, petrol stations, cinemas: download the Google offline map of your destination to find out where the places of your interest are. To consult it you don’t need an internet connection and with the App access to the GPS module, you will know exactly where you are.

Calculate your local currency conversion

Just give the numbers, XE Currency is the app that automatically and in real-time provides you with the monetary conversion in 65 currencies for over 170 countries. Moreover, you can monitor up to 10 currencies of your choice and detect the historical graph of a particular match.

Tú hablas…?

Not a polyglot? Don’t worry: download PONS Translator and have a whole dictionary at your disposal, to understand and communicate in 36 foreign languages ​​including Russian, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish. The app provides numerous examples of sentences and automatically translates any word, both typed and spoken. You will be able to listen to the pronunciation, consult the search history and thanks to the Zoom function you can show the translation to your interlocutor. The app can also be used offline.

Chasing the Wi-Fi

During business trips, it is essential to have free access to the internet, thus saving precious Gigabytes. With Wi-Fi Map you will access more than 100 million Wi-Fi throughout the world, tracking the one closest to you. In many cases, it is also possible to obtain the access passwords directly.

A bit of relaxation while waiting for the next flight

Airport oasis of peace and well-being, where you can take advantage of being productive between two flights or enjoy a drink in total relaxation: welcome to the lounge. Download the Priority Pass and choose among over 1300 lounges in 148 countries, browse the photo gallery of other travellers and save the VIP lounges to your favourites list. An unmissable travel app for business travellers.

Avoid traffic while you’re driving

If you rent a car but you are not familiar with the city, then let yourself be guided by Waze, the GPS navigation app that provides real-time traffic information, the presence of accidents or roadblocks and road conditions. It will suggest the shortest and less known routes to reach your destination.

Hey, taxi!

If you are in a country where the Uber service is not available, the alternative to find a ride can be Free Now. The application, active in about 100 European cities, shows the availability of taxis in the area of ​​your interest and once you have accepted the quote, you can proceed with the in-app payment by credit card. Once the ride has been confirmed, all you have to do is follow the arrival of the geo-localized taxi in real-time.

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